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TotalVPN is offering a great discount / coupon code for their VPN services. TotalVPN gives special promotion with reduced pricing. They give special promotions and offer reduced pricing on VPN subscriptions. If you look at their website, you’ll see the following offer.

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Buy TotalVPN subscription today to enjoy the excessive online treatment. One month costs $4.99, which is almost at 1/2 of the regular price $9.97/month. This is 50% off. However it is not the cheapest price. If you register a free user, and log in your account. You’ll have the choice to get the 90% Discount offer as shown below.

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How to use a TotalVPN coupon code

You have no need for any promo or coupon code to take the advantage of the VPN discount offer.  Just visit TotalVPN special page and register a new free TotalVPN user, login to your account, you’ll see the 90% OFF TotalVPN coupon code pop up.totalvpn pop up

About TotalVPN

TotalVPN is a product of PSEUDIO Limited of Great Britain. It is almost identical to its sister products SaferWEB  or IncognitoVPN  share these products all the same operator, the same network and software and they have all in common that it is very difficult for the interested customers to make a pricing overview, there can be found a significant price increase on inducements under unclear recognizes union clauses. In addition, the provider with the authorities as well as with intelligence cooperates directly and is also committed to.

Applications of TotalVPN

The provider has its head office in the UK and is therefore also subject to local law. This means that it blocks the sites that hold the British authorities for problematic that he does not condone copyright infringement, and to keep 100% cooperating with the authorities in the UK, USA, and Germany. And that also means that the supplier is obliged to store all user activities for at least 6 months. In the guidelines for data and also for use also all this is presented to the customer for approval. So it should not surprise anyone! Sure, there is now only a few applications remain to be recommended in order: TV / Video Streaming + access to content from other countries.totalvpn devices

TotalVPN Servers

TotalVPN offers Server locations in 30 different countries

VPN Server in Ireland, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, India, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, USA, and Canada.

The TotalVPN servers are also used by the users of the sister companies and some unknown to us providers, the statistics on the free resources on the website are static but therefore also agree with any of the current values! Since these are also displayed on the pages of sister companies like IncognitoVPN and SaferVPN with other values! The utilization of the display

TotalVPN access software

The TotalVPN access software is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Android and Apple iOS. Here this software was obviously programmed by an external company and similar to other VPN providers.

The software offers a simple choice of server locations and simple security features but can be compared with other providers not really measure. There are much better and more sophisticated solutions available on the market, so our review only “Mediocre”.

After downloaded the software, you just need to choose a server location did you would like to connect to (selecting a location in your country for regular daily browsing).totalvpn servers

TotalVPN Support

They designed their software to be super-simple to use, but if for any reason you face any issues with using the service, they assist you. TotalVPN customer support team are available 24/7, and will assist with any type of issues you may have. You can reach them by email or live chat or by phone simply visit support website.

Speed Test

You can Enjoy 3 simultaneous connections with Total Premium. The program has a good speed. It provides Secure Protocols with Industry leading security with PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and IkeV2. The benefit is that you always have the decent bandwidth. All connections with foreign countries are also equally reliable.

Price of TotalVPN

At first glance TotalVPN seems to have a very simple pricing structure and there is even a free permanent tariff. But a closer look reveals that here the customers intentionally misled!

There are two rates on the website of TotalVPN displayed:

  • FREE (free fare) and
  • TOTAL PREMIUM tariff (as low as $ 1 per month)

Payable with PayPal (automatic billing agreement) and credit cards (card details are stored with the operator). They also have many other possible ways of payment (PayPal, MasterCard, etc.).

TotalVPN reviews and Conclusion


  • Software for Windows, Mac, Android, Apple iOS
  • Easy to use
  • Suppliers from the United Kingdom
  • Complimentary tariff for the use of a site


  • Automatically uses bait advertising and inconspicuous contractual clauses
  • Everything in English only
  • Cooperation for copyrights with authorities from the UK, Germany, USA
  • No Anonymity guaranteed
  • No sharing allowed
  • Presumably Log files on user activity

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